Monday, June 1, 2009

5 Quick Steps to Being "Taken"

I finally watched "Taken." And yeah, I guess I agree with my parents--this movie is very, very realistic.


--I lied to my dad and told him I was visiting a few museums in Paris when in reality I was planning a tour of the entire European continent, following a rock band

--my only partner for the trip was a ditzy 19-year-old who thinks that "caution" is a brand name

--the first thing I did after disembarking an airplane in a foreign country is make friends with a strange man, let him take my picture, share a taxi with him, and show him the exact apartment in which I will be living, adding that my friend and I will be staying there ALONE for a whole month

--I agreed to attend a "party" with said man, knowing nothing about him except that his name is "Peter"

--as I hid under the bed from my evil kidnappers, I said, "Whew, they're leaving" when they hadn't even gotten both feet out the bedroom door

Genius! Pure genius.

Disclaimer: I am not by any means denying the existence of kidnapping/slave-trafficking, which is a very real and dangerous thing. But with proper precautions and a dash of COMMON SENSE, I firmly believe that encountering such a situation can usually be avoided altogether.


lexio said...

Britny you are genius!!

I am going to go link your post to my blog at this very moment.

LaShel said...

This summer I'm doing a ton of research on human rights violations, and I had to read an article about the "otherization" of human trafficking. Turns out, if you exclude the child soldier issue in Africa and a few particularly notorious cities in Asia, human trafficking is as much a problem here in the US as anywhere else in the world.

The moral of the story? You're just as safe in Europe as you are here. Maybe even more so, given the reduced chances of being mauled by a bear or being shot at by a reckless redneck.

deanna said...

I saw this right before I left to do a nanny gig. Kinda funny...caught my attention.