Thursday, July 23, 2009


Once upon a time, I viewed German as a harsh language that I had no inclination or desire to learn except for its usefulness in the business (and music) world. Now, however, it has climbed to the very top of my list of languages I muchly desire to speak (aside from French, which I have yet to truly master). Why the sudden change of mind? Well, someday I am going to live in the German countryside, right near the Alps.

Perhaps if I marry well, I will even be able to afford a house like this:

with a view like this:

not to mention my own private lake (swans included):

My heart is still unofficially residing in Schwangau, which means I'll need to return soon to fetch it.

Picture 1: A small town we drove through on our way to Schwangau, the city in (or more correctly, above) which the castle Neuschwanstein is built. The mountains in the background are part of the Bavarian Alps.
Pictures 2 and 3: More gorgeous German countryside, snapped out the car window. Pictures do not adequately depict how many shades of green there are.
Picture 4: Hohenschwangau Castle ("Castle of the High Swan County")
Picture 5: Looking through a window in Neuschwanstein castle. What a view, eh?!
Picture 6: The lake below Neuschwanstein castle. Soooo pristine.


deanna said...

love that country and everything in it! (including the scary kids who scare you on street corners, sausages, Haribo, cows, name it!
Thanks again for letting me ride with you guys. Danke

LaShel said...

I cannot get over that picture of the view from the castle - it's perfection. You must let me come visit you and your wealthy husband on a very regular basis (weekly would be nice).

Courtney and Ben said...

I didn't know you had a BLOG! This is amazing! I am vicariously living through your adventures in Europe. Hopefully someday we can go together and you can show me everything... you know, like when you're a famous pianist and you live in the German countryside ;)