Tuesday, February 2, 2010

There is nothing quite so eery

as coming home to an empty, locked apartment and hearing the music of "Phantom of the Opera" floating down the shadowy staircase. And upon further investigation, discovering that said music is originating from my very own darkened bedroom. Creepy, I tell you. Creepy.


LaShel said...

Wow... I'd say.

But also kinda awesome - an angel of music probably wouldn't be a bad thing to have around what with auditions and all :) Even if he does just turn out to be a demented and obsessed yet helpful and incredibly musically talented imposter.

P.S. (Just because I'm sure you're dying to know this) My spell-check totally doesn't think "imposter" is a word.

Alice said...

Sorry Britny, I think that old mp3 player my mom gave me is possessed. I swear it just turns itself on every now and then. Or is it the angel of music...?