Friday, April 2, 2010

When life gives you strawberries and whipped cream...

...for five years in a row, I suppose the lemons eventually have to come.

Yes, this is a metaphor.

And yes, this metaphor is in specific reference to a certain university in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Sonya Schumann is her name. The person who bested me and accepted the one shining, glorious spot that was available this year. (Very appropriate name for a musician, I do have to say.)

So, what comes next? I am not a person who believes in fate. I am a person who believes in hard work. Hard work. Hard work. Courage. Determination. However, I also know that our lives are directed by a hand greater than our own.

And so.

I'll eat these lemons. Because even lemons are good for the health.


Blake Allen said...

This sucks...
But, I do love your optimistic attitude!! Your metaphor is very well written and no matter what, you still rock in my books. You do work hard, harder than most people I know. For that, you get a gold star and an A+!

Hannah said...

You are a great hard worker Britny. You so should have deserved the glorious shining star. I can't believe that that girl got before you. I say no one is a better pianist that you. You are a piano prodigy to me.