Monday, June 11, 2012

A repulsive riddle

What has:

Clutter that magnetically collects more clutter.

A permeating, foul odor. 

A magical sink (and surrounding counters) full of dishes that dirty themselves.

Cupboards in which even a small amount of organization is an impossibility.

Stacks of unused boxes, bags, cartons, and containers.

Half-emptied sacks of groceries.

Old coffee cups.

A recycle bag whose adopted home is the middle of the kitchen floor.

Forgotten tea.

Unfinished laundry and accoutrements.

A garbage can that often rivals Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout's.

A sled.

Used water bottles.

A broken chair.

Old magazines, ads, and newspapers. [some of questionable content]

Shriveled strawberry stems. 



Etc. to the millionth power

Etc. some more

Answer: G-pod the Third



BUSNINJA said...

Proposed solution: move a piano into the main living area, practice nothing but 20th-Century music for at least five hours a day for five weeks, then present your demands for your roommates' reclamation of basic human virtues. If not successful the first time, move another piano in and invite your colleagues to practice other 20th-century music simultaneously with you. Repeat as many times as necessary, or until the sheer volume of pianos forces the smotherizing toxic rubbish to subside in ignominious defeat. Report back to me on how your living situation has improved.

Britny Clark said...

That is an ingenious idea! Do you think it will work even though both my roommates are pianists themselves? ;) They are certainly both wonderful people, but in my old age I have found myself becoming more and more intolerant of g-pod living conditions. My roommate during this past school year was very neat and never cooked, so our apartment was always fairly immaculate. I guess I got used to it and now that I've moved I'm having a hard time going back to what many college students consider normal living conditions...