Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh textbook with thine fine facade...

...of cheap binding and recycled paper, why art thou so exceedingly costly?

I whineth when I suppose I really should be rejoicing that my textbooks are only costing me two appendages this semester, as opposed to the usual four or five the bookstore sees fit to ever-so-cruelly hack off (yes, you should be amazed that I am still a piano major, though I am lacking more than eight semesters' worth of body parts). I've been purchasing books in increments over the past few weeks so that my bank account doesn't suffer too much shock all at once. But today, after the cashier wrestled my debit card from me with an evil cackle and swiped it through the money-gulping machine to pay for "This is my God" for the Judaism class I will be taking, I decided to look up my German book online, just to get an idea of what I was in for with my next purchase. Having taken plenty of language classes at BYU, I was prepared for a pricy piece of petooie. And, unfortunately, that is exactly what I found. *sigh* Even Amazon isn't going to save me on this one. Anyone know a good prosthetist?

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LaShel said...

So true! I *love* that my most expensive book last semester... the one that I paid $150 for, lasted a single week before the binding started to go out.

And it seems like whenever I buy used books, paying many extra dollars to get one that promises to be highlighting free, they always come looking like a freakish looking rainbow of color. You can barely tell the pages used to be white.

Good luck with the textbook buying. I'd offer to lend you one of my limbs to help out, but I fear I already spent all mine this semester on casebooks. Boo.