Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worry and angst and dread, oh my

The conversation I overheard my two new roommates having as I walked through the living room and up the stairs a few minutes ago:

Roommate #1: This is getting boring.

Roommate #2: Well, maybe because we've been sitting here watching TV for the past six straight hours.


And they continue watching.

Same scenario yesterday--they didn't stop watching until nearly 2:00 (yes, in the a.m.). Our apartment is littered with all sorts of boxes and random "stuff," which I would think (and hope) they would want to get put away, having been here since Saturday. But apparently old reruns of America's Next Top Model and Reba are much more enticing. *sigh* The kitchen is a disaster area, in every sense of the word. There are dishes and containers and silverware and you-name-it toppled EVERYwhere. Seriously, there is a tiny little spot on the kitchen table and one chair available in which to sit, and that's only because I cleared it off yesterday so that I could have a spot to eat my dinner. I have a feeling I should kiss good-bye my preference for cleanliness, not to mention peace and quiet. My two roommates who are here have already warned me (repetitively) that my room roommate who will shortly be moving in (the day after tomorrow) is "really loud and messy. She's a really nice girl, though. But definitely loud. And really messy. We can all be loud sometimes, of course. We're girls, right? But...well, she's really loud. And messy."


Well, I hope I'm just overanalyzing and that, really, things are still in a chaotic state merely because we have so little space in the apartment and it's hard to find a place to put things away. And maybe my roommates are just watching as much television as they can this week so as to be all stocked up when school starts so that they don't have to waste time watching it then. And maybe "really loud and really messy" just means "occasionally boisterous and not quite as neat as a pin."

We shall see.


lexio said...

oh my.
I will do my best to get one of my roommates married off quickly so you may move in.
until then, come over whenever needs be. (granted of course my new unknown roommates are not also "loud and messy")

Captain Danger said...

If they give you too much trouble, Britny, you know who to call...

LaShel said...

That sounds... ominous. This is why you should come move in with me. Mike and I might be a tad bit messy from time to time (marriage has made me a much tidier person than I was last time we lived together), but we don't watch much TV. It would only be a, say, six hour trip to class each day, if you flew :)