Saturday, December 5, 2009


Is there anything more beautiful than a lavish castle nestled on a hilltop of the Bavarian Alps in Deutschland...the brilliant winter sun rising majestically over the craggy mountaintops after a peaceful, early-morning snowfall...the morning mists beginning to dispel, the snow crystals sparkling like billions of tiny diamonds...

I submit that there is not.


Introducing the

How Badly I Want To Go Back To Europe-O-Meter!


Sorry, even the Europe-O-Meter couldn't handle the intensity of my desire.


LaShel said...

That picture is incredible. How much money do you think it would take to buy the castle and move to Europe? Also, how are Colby's plans to become a billionaire working out, and is he still willing to share? :)

deanna said...

We've been there!

Chelsea Katseanes said...

I've been there!!! It's fantastic - Everything you can imagine plus more. I want to go back too. :(