Monday, May 17, 2010

Squirm, wiggle, flinch, cough, gag

Have you ever seen a really corny engagement photo? And I mean really, REALLY corny? The kind that makes you embarrassed for the poor couple who thinks it's clever or cute? Well, I am here to tell you that the particular photo you may now be envisioning in your mind is nothing compared to what is about to assault your eyeballs. Yes, folks, "corniness" now has a new definition: engagement VIDEO.

(You'll have to be signed in to your facebook account to be able to view it. And no, I don't actually know the people--the video just appeared in my newsfeed because a friend commented on it.)


Or prepare yourselves for one minute and 36 seconds of squirming awkwardness.

Note: No offense intended.


Der Orgelspieler said...

Oh...Wow... That was horrendous in its awkwardness.

Desireé. said...

HA-HA-HAAAA that made me laugh sooo dang hard!!!!! so awkward!!

Cherilee Howden said...

This is even funnier because I know these people. The guy is in my ward. I almost died laughing when I realized this. Thanks for sharing!